Photography has been a great love of mine from an early age. Looking back it was probably born of my grandfathers passion for developing his own family memories in monochrome and later slide. Photographs have always intrigued me, especially photojournalism/documentary; whether it is looking into the life of an artist at work or a social study, these images always have an impact on me.

Back in 1996 i studied for an HND in Television & Production Techniques where I got the chance to study some photography. The anticipation of seeing the results of hands on shooting and developing was particularly exciting for me. I shot film for while, later moving to digital slr's and currently shoot with a professional Nikon kit. Creating great stand out images is my passion. hopefully this is well represented in my portfolio. I always intend my work to have that extra edge, whether it be in Landscape, Portrait, Weddings or Commercial Photography.

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